RUMUN 2014 – A great success!

RUMUN 2014, which took place from 4-7 December 2014 was the largest conference in our history, bringing together more than 1,250 delegates from across the country and around the world. Delegates convened to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues, while focusing on the critical role of civil society.

“At IDIA, our goal is never to have the biggest conference,” said IDIA Executive Director Michael Hinchliffe. “When considering expanding a conference, we first look at the impact that the additional students will have on the existing attendees. This year, we were able to bring students from the Dominican Republic and Dubai, and that made the difference. Bringing this different perspective, these students were not only active participants in their committees, but shared their views and life experiences with the other students at the conference.”

Another gauge of success for the conference was how broadly recognition was distributed. Awards at IDIA conferences are given by following a rubric that promotes pushing the conversation forward instead of the number of times someone might speak. This rubric, which is completed for every delegate at the conference, offers insight into the delegates that attend our conference, and the types of services that we can provide to help them prepare.

“The rubric helps us to assess our student participants,” said IDIA Conference Director Malvi Shah. “We understand that our delegates come from a broad diversity of schools, clubs, and programs, and it is our job to ensure that our substantive development offers both the novice and the most experienced delegates the support they need in preparing for a conference.”

In addition to RUMUN, IDIA sponsors Philadelphia Model United Nations and Rutgers Model Congress. In addition, IDIA works with countless local schools in the development of one-day Model UN conferences. For more information, explore this site!