Committees and Topics

To prepare for CJMUNC 2020, delegates should research their committee and topic, and focus on how their nation or state plays a role in potential issues and/or solutions relevant to that topic.

Committee Selection is now  open for CJMUNC 2020, and delegates and advisors will be able to select committees on a first come first serve basis. Please pick a role and a committee by heading here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with committee selection please do not hesitate to contact us at

Model United Nations:

Commission on the Status of Women

Topic: Femicide in Latin America

United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

Topic: The Destruction of the Amazon

World Health Organization (WHO)

Topic: Disease Pandemics

Model Congress:

United States Senate Judiciary Committee

Topic: Gang Violence

United States House Committee on UnAmerican Activities (1948)

Topic: Eradicating Communism

United States House Committee on International Relations (2001)

Topic: 2001 Authorized Use of Military Force


New Jersey State Senate

Topic: The Collapse of the Federal Government

Hong Kong Legislative Council

Topic: Hong Kong Riots

Advanced Committees:

Trump’s Campaign Team (2020 Election)

Topic: Securing a Victory in the 2020 Election

Supreme Court (1927)

Topic: Buck v Bell

NRA Board of Directors

Topic: Promoting the Company Agenda

FDR’s Brain Trust (1932)

Topic: FDR’s first 100 Days in Office

Joint Crisis Committee – US Executive Committee of the National Security Council (1962)

Topic: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Joint Crisis Committee – USSR Cabinet (1962)

Topic: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union (1986) (Non-Joint Crisis)

Topic: Responding to the Chernobyl Disaster

Situation Room

Topic: Addressing Crises

The National Council of Resistance (1943)

Topic: The French Resistance