Why CJMUNC 2020?

Why should you register for CJMUNC? Hear from our 2020 Secretariat!

My name is Julia Woodward, and I am Secretary General for CJMUNC 2020. The theme this year is the Apocalypse, where we emphasize the necessity of urgent action with issues that can be considered “apocalyptic” both on a global and individual level. With the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the theme could not be more pertinent; countries are on lockdown, 31 million students are out of school, and resources are running thin. Meanwhile, sea levels are predicted to rise 30-130 centimeters by the next century and femicide is growing rapidly in Latin America. In these times, we turn to our local and national leaders for help – but are they doing enough? The leaders of the emerging world will have to be capable of solving intense situations, and I hope our delegates are up to the challenge.

My name is Charles Strehlo, and I’m one of the Directors of Staff for CJMUNC 2020. This year, I’m super excited for the committees that we’ve prepared; I’ve attended tons of conferences of my own at this point, so I tried to create topics that I’ve always wanted to see at a conference. For example, this year we have a committee on the French Resistance during WW2. Delegates will be thrusted back to one of the most tumultuous moments in modern history, and be forced to contend with the evils of the Axis powers. When having committees like this, we want delegates to really feel like they’re on the precipice of something terrible, and yet they still have the chance to triumph.

My name is Katie Volpert and I am one of the Directors of Staff this year. I am beyond excited for delegates to get to participate in some of the incredible committees we are creating. We’ve attempted to approach apocalypse from every angle. From an economic apocalypse, such as FDR’s cabinet during the Great Depression, to a political apocalypse, like HUAC during the red scare, to a literal world-ending event, such as the JCCs during the Cuban missile crisis, there are niches for every delegate to explore. You will find committees and debate topics at CJMUNC that you’ve never seen before, such as the Situation Room and the Doomsday Bill. For a truly unique experience in committee, there is no better conference than CJMUNC.

We are Chianli Hang and Gurvin Anand, your CJMUNC 2020 Directors of CSS. The theme this year is Apocalypse which gives us a lot of creative liberty when it comes to the crises that’ll take place. For example, we put together an entire committee whose job is to respond to constant crises called the Situation Room, opening the door for action-filled plotlines, costumes, acting, and intense moments. We even went so far as to create our own pandemic that a UN committee will have to respond to which will be a blast to simulate. Expect to see a completely immersive and apocalyptic experience at CJMUNC 2020!