For Students

Model United Nations and Model Congress are unique experiences that help you to learn about the world around you in an unthreatening and enriching environment.  For a few hours or a few days, you will have the opportunity to represent an elected official, a member of the Press, or even a United Nations Delegate as you work to address important issues in your community, state, nation, and even your world.

Find Your Place in the World

One of the best parts about Model UN and Model Congress is that you’re going to learn a lot….. but you’re going to learn about the things you want, and you’re going to have fun.  You will be able to choose from topics from Empowering Women in Developing Countries to LGBT Rights; from Nuclear Disarmament to the New York City Mayor’s Office; from Protecting Indigenous Languages to Implementing Micro-Lending Solutions to Environmental Preservation.  The choice is yours.

Whether you attend a Model United Nations or a Model Congress conference, you’ll be immersed in solving some very important issues.  And in the process, you’ll have the chance not only to learn more about the issues themselves, but to better understand your own positions on those issues.  There is no better way to develop your own personal convictions than to put yourself in other’s shoes and argue their case.  You might be representing a Democratic senator from Illinois when addressing Healthcare Reform, or perhaps a Texas Republican when discussing Border Control.  Or on an international scale, perhaps you’ll have to argue Nuclear Proliferation as a UN Delegate from Iran, or be a member of the Chinese Politburo discussing the so-called “One Child Policy.”  Regardless your role or the topics of debate, you’ll be immersed in a conversation about what can be done.  By the end of the conference, not only will you have a better understanding of how these elected officials make important decisions, you will have further developed your own opinions and convictions on the issues.

After the Conference

What you do after the conference is up to you. Many of our participants have a fun, educating time at our conferences and return to their normal lives a little more informed.  If that’s your plan, then go for it!

But coming home from a Model UN or Model Congress conference offers much more.  Many of our former participants have returned home and to their schools eager to make a difference.  Perhaps they were moved by their discussion about Involving More Women in Politics or Street Children — regardless, they left the conference feeling educated and empowered… and they went home and got engaged.  Some volunteered at a local organizations, others have started new clubs in their schools.  Perhaps not surprisingly, so many of our participants have told us years later that their Model UN or Model Congress experience helped them to decide on their college major, or even their careers.

What Now?

Do you know if your school has a Model UN or Model Congress program?  If so, talk to your friends or that teacher about getting involved. is a repository of information about the Model UN and Model Congress experience and the site serves as a great reference for researching conferences, preparing for a conference, and even getting involved in your community afterwards.

If your school or organization does not have a program like this, please contact us!