FHSMUNC will have a total of twelve committees. Ten of these committees are general committees, and two are advanced committees. Below are the committee titles and their topics!

General Committees:

Disarmament and International Security Committee

Zones of Peace

Economic and Financial Committee

Youth Unemployment

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

Children in Armed Conflict

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Non-Self-Governing Territories

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Mercenaries in Conflict

Commission on the Status of Women

Economic Independence for Rural Women

United Nations Human Settlements Programme

Sustainable Strategies for Slum Upgrading

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Preservation of World Heritage Sites

United Nations Development Programme

Rights and Education of Migrant Workers

United Nations Environment Programme

 Conserving Biodiversity

Advanced Committees:

UN Historic Security Council

1947: Palestine

Economic  Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Effects of Migration on the Economy