FHSMUNC will have a total of twelve committees. TenĀ of these committees are general committees, and two are advanced committees. Below are the committee titles and their topics!

General Committees:

Economic and Financial Committee

The Panama Papers

Disarmament and International Security Committee

Viral Weapons

Group of 77

South-South in Food Security

International Atomic Energy Agency

Illicit Trafficking

International Federation of the Red Cross

Efficacy of International Health Crisis Response

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Transnational Bribery

United Nations Environment Programme

Air Pollution

United Nations Department of Political Affairs

Annexation of Crimea

United Nations Development Programme

Development of Critical Infrastructure

United Nations Human Rights Council

Combatting Human Trafficking in Russia

Advanced Committees:

Afghanistation Cabinet

1996 Civil War

United Nations Security Council

Situation in Myanmar