Welcome to PhilMUN 2017!

explore-2On behalf of the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, it is my distinct honor to invite you to attend Philadelphia Model United Nations 2017, which will be held from March 2-5 at the Wyndham Hotel in Philadelphia’s Historic District.

Over these four days, students will become delegates of United Nations member-states, while discussing relevant and pressing international issues through a realistic simulation of the United Nations. Philadelphia Model United Nations serves as a unique conference experience, with a noticeably intimate size in each committee and a distinct regional focus. Each delegate will be given individual attention from their directors and will have the opportunity to engage with peers who are equally passionate and productive, devising intricate solutions to complicated international problems. Not only does Philadelphia Model United Nations expose students to an interactive educational experience on global affairs, but also teaches leadership, problem-solving, public speaking, and effective interpersonal communication. IDIA conferences strive to engage students not only as delegates within the conference, but also outside the committee room as well, invigorating and encouraging students to become civic leaders in their own communities.

The regional focus for PhilMUN 2017 will be Africa, highlighting the legacy of Africa’s past on its quest for sustainable development in the future. Through focusing on Africa, students will gain insight into the issues that are faced by one of the most culturally rich and diverse areas of the world. There are over three-thousand distinct ethnic groups within Africa, and over two-thousand spoken languages. Despite its cultural autonomy, every corner of Africa has been influenced by the West through the colonial movements of the late nineteenth century, resulting in an interesting and intricate myriad of modern problems. With contemporary borders drawn in the spirit of the 1884-85 Berlin Conference that partitioned Africa, the wounds of Africa are deeply rooted in colonialism, and the development of every nation-state encapsulates that history. By addressing sustainable development through the unique lens of Africa, we can reflect on the actions of global powers while simultaneously learning the measures necessary to take in promoting the life and prosperity of one of the world’s largest regions. Working towards encouraging the development of infrastructure, political systems, and social networks in a way that will last in meeting the needs of current and future generations is essential to achieving equitable and sustainable development.

Through moderated debate, delegates will be able to form resolutions that will write the history of how we progress our social programs, encourage economic growth, practice our politics, and value the importance of our cultures. Although the regional focus of the conference will be Africa, these issues will be addressed from the larger international perspective, and a variety of nations across the world will be present in discussing their particular policies and how the topical issues apply to their individual nations. PhilMUN 2017 prides itself in being a conference that brings a unique angle to Model UN, making each committee experience personal and memorable for every student. A variety of unique regional bodies and advanced committees will also be present, alongside our traditional UN bodies. This variety hopes to establish interesting connections between committee rooms, creating a layered and realistic feel to international relations. With our continued focus in creating immersive and educational committee dynamics, we hope to make PhilMUN a conference to remember!

Registration for PhilMUN 2017 has not yet opened. If you would like additional information about the conference please feel free to contact me at jacob.wasserman@idia.net. If you would like to organize pre-conference outreaches, about PhilMUN 2017 or about Model United Nations in general, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for expressing your interest in PhilMUN 2017, I look forward to seeing you there.


In solidarity,

Jacob Wasserman


Philadelphia Model United Nations 2017