Welcome to PhilMUN 2018!

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Delegates, Advisors, Staff, and Guests,

On behalf of the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, it is my sincerest honor welcoming you to Philadelphia Model United Nations 2018. This year, PhilMUN 2018 will be held from March 1-4 at the Wyndham Hotel in Philadelphia’s Historic District.

Throughout the four days, we aim to further individualized delegate attention and inspire students to refine their problem-solving skills. PhilMUN has and always will be an enriching learning environment that challenges our perceptions of the world. Along with the Secretariat, we are proud of our fifteen directors who have worked tirelessly this past year to design and research committees and topics that fuel their passion, hoping to spread the same curiosity and interest into their delegates. In the months prior to PhilMUN, we will form a staff that will share the same vision and bring the conference to life.

The theme of PhilMUN 2018 will be ‘Identity in the Global Age’, with a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Modern-day LAC is a unique region in that so many of the state lines are blurred, that it perpetuates the notion that Latin America shares one culture. In some regions, declining populations is apparent, debt is rising, and there are growing crises of authority. The gaps of infrastructure and economic growth vastly differ from one country to the other. Indigenous peoples comprise a significant portion of the LAC’s population, but is often marginalized, or even forgotten.

However, there are also regions that are young and thriving, with technological, industrial, and economic innovations around every corner. Through PhilMUN 2018, we hope to bring you topics and issues typically not discussed. From the Alliance of Civilizations’ “Constructing Civil Societies” to the Brazil: Operation Carwash’s “Systematic Corruption.” The conference will aim to recognize the region’s rich, political histories, while still addressing the economic development of the rest of the world. Amid a political climate full of volatility and uncertainty, the need for awareness and understanding is more than ever.

Whether it is your first conference or your eighth, I urge you to find newness in PhilMUN 2018 and remember the “why,” the purpose of your Model United Nations journey. Not all delegates move on from Model United Nations to become politicians, but every delegate can move on and become citizens of the world. Let PhilMUN better you as an individual. Ask yourself how the values and lessons learned from Model United Nations can shape your own community. I started my IDIA journey as a sophomore in high school, my first-ever conference being PhilMUN 2012. At that time, I was completely unaware that I would have the privilege to run the very same conference, just five years later. Model United Nations pushed me to become a leader of action, to make an impact, to challenge beliefs, and to create innovative solutions and ideas—all while having so much fun. My hope is for PhilMUN to do the same to you.

Pre-registration for PhilMUN 2018 will open in the late fall, so we challenge you to start preparing now. If you have any questions or concerns about PhilMUN, please do not hesitate to send me an email at karla.dimatulac@idia.net. If you are new to the conference or even Model United Nations, PhilMUN staff is more than ready to schedule any school outreaches at your convenience. March seems so far away, but PhilMUN will be here before you know it. We are so excited to see you then!


Karla Dimatulac
Philadelphia Model United Nations 2018