An Update from the Chinese Politburo

The beginning of January saw yet another round of nuclear testing from the DPRK. It is unclear whether or not the test actually occurred, as no other state has been able to verify this claim. Nevertheless, it has brought in criticisms from many other nations, with China, Russia, United States, South Korea, Japan, India, and the European Union have all harshly criticized the move. Many nations called on China to change its relationship with North Korea, so as to no longer support this erratic behavior. The testing went so far as to garner response from the United Nations Security Council, calling it a violation of UNSC resolutions, and issuing DPRK a warning. Even still, DPRK notified the UN that it plans to send a long range rocket into orbit in the month of February. As DPRK continues to develop its nuclear program, major states seem to be becoming less and less tolerant of DPRK’s international policies. How this changes the relationships of Asian countries with each other, especially that of China and North Korea, is to be seen in the coming months.

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