Bringing CSTD delegates up to speed!

Hello Delegates,

My name is Anushiya Balakrishnan and I will be serving as the director for the Commission on Science and Technology for Development at Philadelphia Model United Nations. My assistant director, Lorezelle Shey Yanga, and I are excited to meet you and we sincerely hope we are excited about this committee. To keep the interest flowing, I wanted to bring to your attention some current events over the next few weeks regarding Internet freedom and accessibility.

In Brazil, politicians are attempting to pass a bill that would require Internet users to provide an overwhelming amount of information, grant people to apply for insulting content to be removed from the Internet, and increase penalties for defamation. Brazil is one of the biggest markets for social media such as Facebook and YouTube so campaigners believe that the rise of social media has rapidly led to increasing vocalization for criticism against the government. I would like you to think about a few points: Is your country increasingly clamping down on free speech on the Internet in fear of undermining the government? What are the reactions of the citizens in response to this? 

I look forward to you hearing your debates in a few weeks!

Hope you are having an excellent time researching,

-Anushiya Balakrishnan

PS. We used this article in our research about Brazil. Please read it if you would like more information!

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