Hello from ESCAP!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are getting geared up and enthused for our conference in three weeks! My AD Ryan and I cannot wait to see what you all have to bring to the table.
UNESCAP is an advisory regional committee, aimed at suggesting social, economic, political, and environmental policy reform to promote regional integration in Asia and the Pacific. For the purpose of the conference, we will only be focusing on Asian delegations. The topics being covered are Development of the Asian Highway Network and Trans Asian Railway, and Sustainable Development in Asia.
There are a couple things we would like to direct your attention to keep in mind come the conference. With the recent breakout of the Zika virus epidemic, we would like you to analyze its potential impacts with regards to our first and second topics. Because our committee is an advisory one, we would like you to be aware of your representative member nation’s resource constraints. Suggesting solutions that ignore resource constraints for a particular member nation would indicate no need for sustainable development in Asia, which would be far from the truth, and hence unrealistic. We want to make this experience as realistic as possible so please keep that in mind!
We cannot wait to see you in Philadelphia for an action packed and educational weekend!
Best Regards,
Yash Porecha & Ryan Berger

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