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Hey EAS Delegates!

This topic may seem to be daunting but rest assured that we are taking a rather mild approach to the macroeconomics of the East Asian Region. Although the conference will focus on our one topic centered upon the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we explore the dynamics of several issues also relating to cooperative trade. These issues pertain to current events and major relations between key economic players within the region (and outside of the region). As delegates of this committee you will be given a lot of flexibility in interpreting solutions to these issues, so do not be concerned if you don’t know about everything there is to know about Asia – general knowledge is enough!

EAS is a small committee and you will get to know the other delegates very well. Our main goals for the committee are for you to learn and develop your opinions on the topic, but also to stimulate a spirit of cooperation that the United Nations is built upon!

Good luck, and we will see you soon!

Becca & John

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