Committees and Topics

Specialized Agencies

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Topic A: Using Biotechnology for GMO Implementation
Topic B: Closing the Infrastructure Gap

Commission on the Status of Women

Topic A: Upgrading Domestic and Unpaid Work
Topic B: Preventing Femicide

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Topic A: Wildlife Conservation
Topic B: Developing Sustainability in Protected Areas

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

Topic A: Attacks on Education in Latin America
Topic B: Constructing Civil Societies

United Nations Department of Political Affairs

Topic A: Free and Fair Elections
Topic B: Illicit Small Arms

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Topic A: Impact of Slums
Topic B: Trafficking of Cultural Property

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Topic A: Political Empowerment of Indigenous People
Topic B: Healthcare for Indigenous People

World Trade Organization

Topic: Economic Diversification

Regional Body

Latin American and the Caribbean Economic System

Topic: Reformation and Empowerment
While this is not an advanced committee, only members of the SELA will be represented in this committee.

Advanced Committees

Pan-American Health Organization – Ethics Review Committee

Topic: Ethics of Human Subject Research

Felipe Calderon’s Mexican Cabinet

Topic: Operation Michoacan

Brazil: Operation Carwash

Topic: Systemic Corruption

Peruvian Cabinet

Topic: Combatting the Shining Path