Committees and Topics

Specialized Agencies

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Topic: Developing Technological Infrastructure

Commission on the Status of Women

Topic A: Empowerment through Education
Topic B: Maternal Health

Department for Peacekeeping Operations

Topic A: Evaluating Peacekeeping Operations in Africa
Topic B: Refugee Resettlement

Food and Agriculture Organization

Topic A: Agricultural Investment
Topic B: Urban Agriculture

United Nations Development Programme

Topic A: Sustainable Urban Planning
Topic B: Infrastructure Development in Conflict Zones

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Topic A: Vanishing Languages (A Loss for Words)
Topic B: Antiquity Preservation

United Nations Human Rights Council

Topic A: Child Labor
Topic B: Human Rights in Eritrea

World Tourism Organization

Topic A: Sustained Effects of Tourism in Africa
Topic B: Preventing Illegal Effects of Tourism in Africa

Regional Bodies

African Development Bank

Topic A: Human Capital Investment
Topic B: Regulation of Industry and Markets
Only members of the African Development Bank will be represented in this committee.

FIFA Council

Topic: Fighting Corruption
Only members of the FIFA Council will be represented in this committee. 

Advanced Committees

Special Session of the Health 8+

Topic: Legacy of the 2014-2015 West African Ebola Epidemic

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Case A: The Media Case
Case B: Case of Pascal Barrill

Tunisian Post-Revolutionary Government

Topic: Immediate Aftermath of Revolution and Current Conflicts