Committees and Topics

Specialized Agencies

Commission on the Status of Women

Topic A: Women’s Access to Justice
Topic B: Feminization of Poverty

International Labour Organization

Topic A: Exploitation of Labor
Topic B: Emigration in Eastern Europe

United Nations Department of Political Affairs

Topic A: Annexation of Crimea
Topic B: Recognition of Kosovo

United Nations Development Programme

Topic A: Development of Critical Infrastructure
Topic B: Socio-Economic Divide of Eastern Europe

United Nations Environment Programme

Topic A: Air Pollution
Topic B: Combatting Forest Degradation

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Topic A: Refugees Rights
Topic B: Refugee Crisis and Organized Crime

United Nations Human Rights Council

Topic A: Discrimination of the Roma
Topic B: Trafficking in Kosovo

World Bank Group

Topic A: Increasing Entrepreneurship and Ingenuity in Eastern Europe
Topic B: Revamping the Social Safety Net

Regional Body

North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1968

Topic: Brezhnev Doctrine
While this is not an advanced committee, only members of NATO will be represented in this committee.

Advanced Committees

Georgian Cabinet

Topic: 2012 Election

Polish Cabinet

Topic: Returning Poland to the People

United Nations Security Council – Counterterrorism Committee

Topic: Combatting Violent Terrorism

Turkish Cabinet

Topic: 1980 Coup d’etat