Situation in Libya

How can the Arab World ensure stability in Libya as well as the region of the Middle East and North Africa after intensive armed conflict between the Gadhafi regime and various rebel opposition groups? The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has been subject to the growing phenomena of the Arab spring, as nations in the Arab world have sought to participate in mass uprisings against allegedly unjust governments in the hopes of altering the status quo. In a matter of fifteen days, the Libyan state has been engulfed in a landscape filled with chaos, as oppositional forces supposedly fight against the Gadhafi regime for greater civil and political freedoms with in return would allow for the formulation of a greater Libyan civil society. Meanwhile, greater activity from outside parties such as Western nations, Regional Bodies, and Violent Non State Actors have the potential to exacerbate ethnic and political tensions and exploit resources for their individual interests in what may manifest into a reshaping of the Arabic security paradigm.

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