Rutgers Model United Nations, the flagship program of the Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc., started rumunlogoNoYearempowering students in 1992 when a group of students from Rutgers University sought to establish an international studies program at the university.  Initially founded at Brett Hall, RUMUN has grown dramatically in size, bringing more than 40,000 students together to discuss and address global issues.

Large-scale Model UN conferences often fall victim to their own success.  As programs grow, it can be difficult to stay true to your founding principles.  RUMUN has succeeded at maintaining its focus on educating, empowering, and engaging its participants to become active members of their own communities.  RUMUN was founded upon the belief that individuals, if given the proper tools and experience, can bring about positive social change.

The reason more that more than 1,500 people convene at RUMUN each year is that despite our significant size, we still have the small conference feel.  Our highly trained and dedicated staff will know the names of delegates and will work with individuals to ensure that they have the most enriching experience possible.  Our pre-conference seminars, coupled with our conference workshops are critical educational aspects to the conference experience – when students leave RUMUN, they will have learned critical life skills like information synthesis, research, public speaking, consensus-building, among countless others.

At its core, RUMUN is an educational conference.  While we offer awards to recognize accomplishment at the conference or growth during the experience, we are most concerned about the opportunities for learning.  Whether its our unique committee experience, our dynamic visuals found throughout our conference hotels, RUMUN offers a civics education and Model United Nations experience like no other.