Committees and Topics

What follows is a list of committees and topics for Rutgers Model Congress 2018.

United States House of Representatives

Committee on Education and the Workforce

Topic A: Amending Education Policy
Topic B: Juvenile Justice

Committee on Homeland Security

Topic A: Drug Trafficking in the U.S
Topic B: Transportation Security

Committee on the Judiciary

Topic A: Privatized Prisions
Topic B: Reevaluating the Screening Process for Refugees

Committee on Natural Resources

Topic A: Man-Made Drought
Topic B: Energy Security

Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice

Topic A: Eminent Domain
Topic B: Voting Rights

United States Senate

Committee Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

Topic A: Concentration of Minorities in Central Cities
Topic B: Post Foreclosure Crisis

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Topic A: Urbanization and the Urban Rural Divide
Topic B: Oil and Pipeline Construction Safety

Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Topic A: Healthcare Reform Bill
Topic B: Income Inequality

Committee on Intelligence

Topic: Leveraging Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity

Special Bodies

NYC Mayor’s Office

Topic: Addressing Socioeconomic Challenges

Presidential Summit on Technology

Topic: Technology’s Effect on Modern Democracy

Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

Topic: Human Rights in American Foreign Policy

Advanced Committees

1787 Constitutional Convention

Topic: Revising the Articles of Confederation

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

Topic: Winning the Presidential Election

Historical CIA

Topic: Iran/Iraq War

National Security Council

Topic: American Security and Foreign Policy

Presidential Cabinet

Topic: America First Diplomacy

Supreme Court of the United States

Case A: NY Times Co. v. Sullivan
Case B: Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp. v. Hoeper