Committees and Topics

What follows is a list of committees and topics for Rutgers Model Congress 2019.

United States House of Representatives

Committee on Education and the Workforce

Topic A: The School-to-Prison Pipeline
Topic B: Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Topic A: Instability in Europe
Topic B: Situation in Yemen

Committee on Homeland Security

Topic A: Immigration Policies
Topic B: Campus Resilience

Committee on the Judiciary

Topic A: Safeguarding Trade Secrets
Topic B: Reducing Recidivism

Committee on Natural Resources

Topic A: Environmental Ramifications of Nuclear Energy
Topic B: The Puerto Rican Energy Crisis

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Topic A: Ensuring the Integrity of the U.S. Election System
Topic B: National Security: Reexamining the Patriot Act

United States Senate

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Topic A: Private v. Public Space Exploration
Topic B: Designer DNA

Committee on Environment and Public Works

Topic A: The Future of Fracking
Topic B: Amending the Safe Water Drinking Act

Committee on Foreign Relations

Topic A: Foreign Aid
Topic B: Promotion of Democracy

Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Topic A: Reshaping the American Red Cross
Topic B: Diversity and Discrimination in the Workplace

Committee on Indian Affairs

Topic A: Mental Health Services in Indigenous Communities
Topic B: Economic Empowerment of Pacific Islanders

Advanced Committees

JCC: 1864 Confederate Congress

Topic: Postwar Relations 

JCC: 1864 US Congress

Topic: Postwar Relations

Metropolitan Resilience Network 

Topic: Urban Resilience and Crisis Management

National Economic Council

Topic: New Trade Agreement


Topic: Media Influence

Historic Supreme Court of the United States

Case A: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby
Case B: Citizens United v. FEC