Committees and Topics

What follows is a list of committees and topics for Rutgers Model Congress 2017.

United States House of Representatives

Committee on Armed Services

Topic A: Role of Guantanamo Bay
Topic B: US-Russia Relations

Committee on Education and the Workforce

Topic A: Union Reform
Topic B: Minimum Wage Reform

Committee on Homeland Security

Topic A: Homegrown Terrorist Recruitment
Topic B: Pandemic Preparedness

Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Topic A: Space Exploration
Topic B: Ethics of Biotechnology

Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security

Topic A: Refugee Asylum
Topic B: Undocumented Immigrants

Committee on Small Business

Topic A: Small Business and Insurance
Topic B: Global Competitiveness of Small Businesses

United States Senate

Committee Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

Topic: Increasing Growth in Productivity

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Topic A: Climate Policy for the Future
Topic B: The American Water Crisis

Committee on Foreign Relations

Topic A: US Foreign Policy Concerning Latin America and the Caribbean
Topic B: Status/Expansion of US Military Bases Abroad

Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Topic: Access to Reproductive Health

Committee on Intelligence

Topic A: Government Data Mining
Topic B: Improving Communication Between Intelligence Agencies and Private Companies

Committee on the Judiciary

Topic A: Reformation of Drug Courts
Topic B: Exploitation of the Elderly

Advanced Committees

1968 Taskforce

Topic: 1968 Elections

Federal Trade Commission

Topic A: Competition Analysis
Topic B: Consumer Protection


Topic: Immigration Policy

Presidential Cabinet

Topic: National Security

Presidential Council on Economic Advisors

Topic: Healthcare Pricing

Supreme Court of the United States

Case A: Shelby County v. Holder
Case B: United States v. Texas