Rutgers Model Congress

A simulation of Capitol Hill for debaters in grades 9 through 12

Rutgers Model Congress is one of the nation’s premier policy simulation events. RMC takes place annually in the Spring and is open to all students in grades 9 through 12, as well as international students looking to branch out into the educational arena of American politics.

Rutgers Model Congress 2018 is now open for pre-registration! Visit the conference homepage for more info.

Over the years, RMC has developed a reputation as being one of the most accessible and welcoming conferences for students who are new to Model Congress, or to Model UN and diplomacy simulations in general. We’re proud of this accolade, and work hard to make resources including trainings and staff assistance available to new or less experienced delegates.

Like all IDIA conferences, RMC is staffed by undergraduate Rutgers students who spend over a year preparing to deliver the most enriching educational experience possible.

IDIA and its Rutgers student chapter also coordinate in-person outreaches for schools looking for extra preparation before attending the conference. To schedule a visit from our staff volunteers, drop us an email.

In each House and Senate committee at RMC, students represent the interests of their state, their party, their country, and their own conscience by debating the topics on the agenda. Together with their colleagues, students collectively develop bills, joint resolutions, and amendments in committee that best serve the interests of their constituents by speaking through formal and informal debate and forging compromises. Prospective legislation that is passed in committee is then further discussed and voted upon during full sessions of the House of Representatives and Senate. Along with debating the topics on the provisional agenda, students also experience the influence of lobbyists in their legislative duties, and are faced with a variety of realistic crisis simulations throughout the weekend.

RMC also boasts some unique advanced committees that simulate other non-Congressional bodies and organizations. For example – students participating in the Supreme Court render written decisions on actual cases after hours of intense debate, based on available evidence and oral arguments. In the National Security Council, students are challenged to decide the proper course of action when faced with real-world crises and attacks on the economic, social, and geo-political security of the United States. In election years, RMC often simulates presidential campaign committees and challenges students to craft winning communications strategies for their candidates.

Rutgers Model Congress takes place in downtown New Brunswick, NJ in late March or early April each year. Visit the RMC homepage for up-to-date info on this year’s conference.