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Getting Started with Model UN

Model United Nations and Model Congress can be many things to many students. For some, it’s an exciting way to learn about real issues affecting the local community. For others, it’s a portal into the kinds of problems that communities far from home are facing. For still others, it’s a rewarding extracurricular activity that promises a lifetime of benefits even after graduation.

But getting started with Model UN can be intimidating. There are rules to learn, patterns of speech and writing to master – not to mention all the “MUN culture” aspects you’ll pick up as you gain experience. Here, you’ll find resources to help you find your way as a new delegate. If you’re an experienced delegate, you’ll find tips and tricks to fine-tune your game.

The Getting Started Series


Model UN Made Easy

From an easy-to-read guide for some of the most important parts of Model UN – position papers, speeches, researching, and more.

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Delegate Preparation Guide

From NMUN: an in-depth guide on every aspect of preparing for a conference. This is a long read, but a good read. It’s best suited to delegates who know a little bit about the vocabulary and set-up of Model UN. 

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How to Write a Resolution

From All American MUN: Coming out of the conference with your name at the top of a resolution is an accomplishment every delegate can be proud of. Read this guide to learn the details of resolution writing and take the fear out of the process.

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Rules of Procedure

Though each conference varies somewhat in the details, most Model UN conferences adhere to a similar set of rules for debate. These are IDIA’s standardized rules of procedure, and are in effect at every IDIA conference.

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Giving the Perfect Speech [Video]

From this is just one of many ways to structure a policy speech, but it’s a good introduction to basic speech structure. Over time you’ll develop your own style – that’s all part of the Model UN experience.

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The Complete Starter Kit

From Best Delegate: An in-depth PDF to all things delegate. This guide is geared specifically at middle school and high school students, and features a helpful sample position paper and sample resolution you can use to model your own.

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Need In-Person Training? We Can Help.

The Institute for Domestic and International Affairs offers free in-person workshops to help new clubs learn everything they need to know about participating in Model UN.

Get assistance from experience undergrad students who plan, coordinate, and staff real Model UN conferences year round. If you’re in the northeast USA, IDIA can come to you. If you’re out of our physical service area, we’re happy to coordinate a virtual training covering debate, club organization, substantive topics, rules and customs, and more!

Contact our program staff today to learn more!

Scholarships? Available.

Funding shouldn’t keep any student from experiencing all that Model UN has to offer – but unfortunately, it’s often the biggest obstacle for new and even established clubs.

IDIA coordinates scholarships for our four-day and one-day conferences. Full and partial economic assistance is available – contact our program staff to learn more.