Code of Conduct

There are two policies that our staff shall deal with in an immediate and proscribed manner, in accordance with the laws of the United States and the state of Pennsylvania.
1) The use and/or possession of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited under federal and state law. Therefore, any delegate found possessing or using an illegal substance shall be reported to the Philadelphia Police Department and the school’s faculty advisor, and immediately removed from the conference premises.
2) The legal drinking age in the state of Pennsylvania is twenty-one. Therefore, no delegates may possess or consume any alcoholic beverages. Any violations of this rule will result in the notification of the participant’s faculty advisor, and the student’s immediate removal from the conference.

Hotel Decorum

Delegates are expected to be quiet and professional as they travel throughout the hotel. We are not the sole occupants of the hotel, and must respect the other guests. This includes all elevators, hallways, and stairwells. Please do not linger outside of your rooms or in the hallways, as your voices carry into other guests’ rooms.