Welcome to RMC 2020!

Welcome to Rutgers Model Congress 2020! This unique four-day experience will be held from April 2-5 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

RMC 2020 is one of the premier Model Congress conferences for giving delegates an experience in domestic affairs that spans a wide variety of committee forms and topics. The issues that are discussed and the delegations involved will all challenge the delegates to think beyond party lines and beyond what has been done in the past. One thing that is certain is that there is always room to improve our national policies and to create the change that we wish to see in our nation. Our directors have been working tirelessly to ensure that the delegates are equipped to achieve exactly that. Eighteen directors have stepped up to take on the role of being educators and guides for the delegates in a year-long process, each having their own vision for how the United States can improve. Whether the committees are tackling issues such as “Regulation of Agrochemicals” or “Managing Public Debt,” they will empower the delegates to think about these topics in a manner that they likely have not before and help them to create lasting resolutions to some of the country’s most challenging issues.

The theme of this conference is going to focus on an aspect of American politics that is not always covered at Model Congress events. And that is the implications and effects that our international image has on domestic policies, and vice versa. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has taken on a role of being a leader on the global stage and a vanguard for the rights and freedoms that our people have always sought to defend. In an increasingly globalized world, the United States has continued to be pushed into the spotlight of all nations. Our domestic policies and debates surrounding our national issues have become speaking points for all people around the world. And this puts the United States and its government in an interesting position, one that has recently become a focal point in the divide between political parties. How much do foreign opinions affect how we as a country act? How much should these foreign opinions affect us? 

Answering this question requires reimagining the role the United States takes in the international community. And a lot of that reimagining has to start at the national level and with the problems that we as a country face. Over the course of the four days of RMC 2020, I want the delegates to take in just how monumental the decisions they’re making are. The choices that they make and the bills that they pass may directly affect those who live in our borders but they indirectly impact the entire world. While balancing the respective ideals of their parties, delegates will also have to imagine how their choices play into the international role that the United States has taken, and whether or not that reality is a good or bad thing.

Our staff has and will continue to focus their hard work and dedication into making this conference more than just an experience that ends in four days. Instead, delegates will be able to take what they learn about their committees, the topics, the theme, and about themselves and translate it into all aspects of their lives. We know that they each have the potential to become the future of this nation, and we couldn’t be more excited to help them in their journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any feedback or questions at cameron.krause@idia.net. We here at RMC 2020 are excited to meet you all in April!

Cameron Krause
Executive Director