Welcome to RMC 2017!


On behalf of the Institute of International and Domestic Affairs, I am thrilled to welcome you to Rutgers Model Congress 2017! This four day conference will be held on April 6th-9th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Rutgers Model Congress is a four day simulation of real life Congressional proceedings, where hundreds of students from all over the country are given the opportunity to debate on some of the most pertinent issues in the United States today. Our conference will allow students to choose to be a part of one of 18 different committees. These include House and Senate committees, such as the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology or the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as well as Advanced Committees, like the Council of Economic Advisors and the Supreme Court. Being a part of one of these committees allows students to gain new perspectives on how problems in this country are actually dealt with. They will learn how their representatives have to work with all the influences that go in to crafting legislative decisions, all the while improving upon their research, public speaking, and debating skills.

The theme for this year’s RMC will be “The Political Polarization of the American Public.” It is easy to see that more recently than ever, conflicting political ideologies and political partisanship has caused gridlock in almost all aspects of American government, leaving many citizens unhappy with how their representatives are addressing their needs and concerns and causing them and their leaders to gravitate towards more extreme ends of the political spectrum. However, ideological polarization in this country goes beyond political parties as well. Ideological differences between younger and older Americans have caused a “generational divide” in our government where both sides seem unable to reconcile their differences. Disagreements between richer and poorer Americans have caused them to take very partisan approaches to many economic issues plaguing this country. And contrasting ideologies on certain social problems have caused men and women to become polarized on gender issues. This theme will explore ways to bridge these ideological differences and find areas of compromise between very polarized groups. Coming out of committee, students will have gained a better understanding of the difficulties that are inherent in making government decisions and more of an appreciation of the efforts of our political leaders.

Registration for RMC 2017 will open on October 15, 2016. It will remain open until we reach capacity, so make sure to register as soon as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns about either registration or the conference itself, please do not hesitate to contact me at david.galpern@idia.net. Our staff is also available to do outreach programs for high schools to help them prepare for RMC; feel free to reach out to us if this is something you would want your school to do. Thank you for your interest in RMC, and I look forward seeing you at the conference in April!



David Galpern

Executive Director