PhilMUN Committees & Topics

Here you can find committees and topic briefs for the upcoming PhilMUN conference. 

Specialized Agencies

United Nations Children’s Fund
Topic A: Ending the Recruitment of Child Soldiers
Topic B: Adolescent Development

United Nations Development Programme
Topic A: Energy Independence
Topic B: Agricultural Sustainability

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Topic A: Enhancing E-Commerce
Topic B: Addressing Educational Inequality and Access

United Nations Environment Programme
Topic A: Conflict Pollution and Toxic Weapons of War
Topic B: Rapid Urbanization

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Topic A: Syrian Refugee Crisis
Topic B: Economic Inclusion of Refugees

United Nations Human Rights Council
Topic A: Political Representation in Government: Youth and Women
Topic B: Sentencing & Corporal Punishment

World Health Organization
Topic A: Evaluating Healthcare Systems in Conflict Zones
Topic B: Combating the Opioid Crisis

Advanced Committees

1952 Egyptian Revolutionary Command Council
Topic: Constructing a Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Al-Jazeera Newsroom
Topic: The Challenges Facing the Foreign News Bureau

Conference on the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement
Topic: Improving the GAFTA

MENA Economic Development Summit
Topic: Establishing a Unified Vision for Regional Economic Prosperity