PhilMUN Committees & Topics

Here you can find committees and topic briefs for the upcoming PhilMUN conference. 

General Assembly

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Organization
Topic A: Ethnic Displacement
Topic B: Free Speech and Censorship

Legal Committee
Topic A: Corporate Atrocity Crimes
Topic B: Intellectual Property Rights


Specialized Agencies

Commission on the Status of Women
Topic A: Adapting to the Digital Age
Topic B: Political Empowerment and Decision Making

Conference of Parties (COP 28)
Topic: Reevaluating Past Climate Legislation

United Nations Department of Political Affairs
Topic A: Combating Youth Recruitment to Extremist Movements
Topic B: Promoting Stable Transitions of Power in Post-Colonial Nations

United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism
Topic A: Future of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum
Topic B: Cross-Border Terrorism

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Topic A: Transnational Organized Crime in West Africa
Topic B: Fraudulent Medicines

World Health Organization
Topic A: Healthcare Worker Shortage
Topic B: Combating Malaria

Advanced Committees

International Court of Justice
Topic A: Legal Consequences of the Continued Occupation of South Africa
Topic B: Continental Shelf Dispute (Libya v. Malta)

NGO Summit on African Development
Topic: Intervening in Regional Socio-Economic Conflicts

South Sudanese Cabinet
Topic: Constructing a Post-Civil War South Sudan