RUMUN Committees & Topics

Here you can find committees and topics for the upcoming RUMUN conference. Briefs are found on, our registration engine, after registration for the conference has been completed.


Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN):
Topic A: Addressing Debt in Developing Countries
Topic B: Assuaging the Impact of International Sporting Events

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM):
Topic A: Rights of Activists
Topic B: Syrian Refugee Crisis


Commission on the Science and Technology for Development (CSTD):
Topic A: Modern Biotechnology
Topic B: Novel Biological Weaponry

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW):
Topic A: Women’s Health in Areas of Conflict
Topic B: Protection of Migrant Women

International Labour Organization (ILO):
Topic A: Child Labor
Topic B: Work for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF):
Topic A: Access to Food and Clean Drinking Water
Topic B: Digital Health Strategies

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP):
Topic A: Promoting Sustainable Tourism
Topic B: Environmental Damage after Natural Disasters

United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (UN OIOS):
Topic A: Reevaluation of UN Peacekeeper Standards of Conduct
Topic B: Misuse of Resources in the UN

World Health Organization (WHO): 
Topic A: Epidemic Management and Prevention
Topic B: Vaccine Hesitancy




Inter-American Development Bank:
Topic A: Promotion of Growth in the Private Sector
Topic B: Venezuelan Economic Crisis


German Cabinet:
Modern Germany

International Monetary Fund:
Topic A: The IMF’s Role in Firefighting Financial Crises
Topic B: The Rise of the East in the Age of Western Financial Hegemony

1989: Presidium of the Supreme Soviet:
Restructuring the Soviet Union

1993: United Nations Department of Political Affairs:
Topic A: Transitioning Cambodia after UN Ceasefire
Topic B: Democratizing Post-Apartheid South Africa