Philadelphia Model United Nations

Philadelphia Model United Nations is a 4-day MUN conference held in the heart of historic Philadelphia.  Taking place at the end of February, the conference focuses on a different region of the world each year, PhilMUN offers in intense look into issues important to the region, and offers delegates the opportunity to learn more about the social, cultural, and political structures that define each area.  Moreover, such an intensive focus means that our topics are not limited to items from the front pages of global newspapers — our directors specifically choose topics that are slightly under the radar, offering a more detailed look at the everyday lives of people living in these regions.


Delegations from around the world at the Opening Ceremony of PhilMUN 2014

PhilMUN is a unique conference not only due to its regional focus, but also due to its size.  Limited to approximately 500 students, the conference challenges delegates old and new to work together in an interactive and intensive setting.  Instead of having 100 or more students in a GA committee, delegates will find a Disarmament or SpecPol committee with just 40 delegations from around the world.  This structure results in an intensive yet highly accessible environment where a representative from a small country within the region can actually be more involved than a larger player from outside the region.  When you’re solving the problem of Access to Education in Africa, or the Distribution of Oil Wealth in the Middle East, it’s far better to have the conference led by states within the region, than to have outsiders dictate what is right.  Specific delegations from both within and outside the region are selected to promote dialogue, and to draw off the experiences of all states.

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