Welcome to RUMUN!

Dear Delegates, Faculty, and Guests, on behalf of the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, it is my pleasure to welcome you to RUMUN 2018.

RUMUN will take place this year from November 29-December 2.  RUMUN 2018 has a plethora of committees and topics that will challenge you to think critically on a wide variety of global and societal issues and develop creative solutions to address these problems.  Your directors are expecting you to develop concrete, well thought out plans to tackle the core causes of your topics.  You will be pushed to debate and work with a diverse group of peers to ultimately solve the unique issues each of you committees will be focusing on.  There are ­­23 committees for students to participate in, discussing topics from “Advancing Nuclear Medicine” to “Restructuring Venezuela”.  Each of these committees will require that you create novel solutions and cooperate with your fellow delegates, while also keeping the theme of the conference in mind.

The theme of RUMUN 2018 will focus on “Maximizing Potential,” and the myriad of ways the global community can help improve an entity in the most efficient and smart way possible.  There is a plethora of economic, political, and social/cultural factors that play a part in defining how regions and countries make their mark on the global community.  The focus of this conference is teaching students and staff what it means to interact with a purpose, and how the international community can create effective solutions to problems that affect communities in vastly different ways, based on their defined and undefined characteristics.  There is no limit to the range of subjects that are linked to the idea of maximizing potential, as nations, states, and individuals all engage in activities and transactions that they themselves would hope are the best possible outcomes.

My reasoning for choosing this theme stems from my desire to see effective solutions created across the board in every single committee room.  We have been granted an opportunity to provide an educational experience to all of you, and we have to ensure that we deliver as an educational organization.  Throughout this conference, keep in mind that there are a myriad of methods to effective policymaking, and I want you to try and relate them to the theme.  I want every student to leave RUMUN with more knowledge about his or her topics and a better understanding of the root causes of the issues around the world.

RUMUN staff has put in a tremendous amount of work to enhance your experience at this conference.  We hope that over the course of the weekend, you are able to further develop your skills, learn about new and unique issues, and most importantly create lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.  If you need anything or have any questions, please email me at raj.patel@idia.net.  We look forward to seeing you in at the conference.

Best Regards,


Raj Patel


Rutgers Model United Nations 2018