Welcome to RUMUN!

RUMUN 2019 will take place from December 5-8.

RUMUN 2019 is set to help delegates embark on a journey to think critically on an assortment of topics. These topics offer a wide variety of international disputes involving multiple actors. The crux of these problems are going to be difficult to identify and require out-of-the box solutions and seamless implementation. Our directors are working tirelessly to ensure these committees are developed to the fullest potential, leaving no stone unturned. These directors took a year long commitment to ensure these topics will include various actors and a multitude of underlying causes. These committees will ensure you push yourself to look at the issues with a different lens alongside with talented delegates who will create a dynamic environment. The twenty-three committees will be including topics such as “Establishing a Post-Soviet Ukraine” and “International Legal Structures for the High Seas.” These topics will determine the future of the United Nations as well as individual nations.

The theme of RUMUN 2019 will be “Dichotomy of Partnerships.” Throughout recent history, the UN has served as a public forum for nations to discuss, plan and execute a multitude of solutions to improve the global community. This entity has long relied on the service of providing forums, and partnerships to nations who would not have direct access as easily otherwise. These partnership come at a cost, whether it’s foreign relations and politics, or just sustainable development. In either case, a nation’s best interest will vary with topic and type of partnership. If the UN intends to keep its mission statement in tact, the way it operates and maintains its partnerships will have to be re-considered throughout debate. The focal point of this conference is to have delegates balance individual interests with those that promote unity and lasting partnerships. This theme will not be explicitly discussed as a main point but rather serve as an underlying basis for discussion. The discussions will be sure to cover a wide assortment of economic, social/cultural and political sub-topics.

More nations around the world are opting to unilaterally make decisions and rely less on the UN. I believe the way partnerships are currently established could be re-worked. Partnerships, a broad term, can include any coalition, organization, committee, or body/board of executives. If these partnerships become more obsolete, the UN loses more of its value. These thoughts helped the inception of the theme. I am very grateful that we have been granted an opportunity to help teach and lead this educational experience to you. Throughout the four days, I hope to see the theme expand delegates thinking and even change the outcomes of what may seem straightforward solutions. These experiences and critical thinking should help the delegates analyze real-world events with a more a critical and complete lens.

Our staff has put countless hours and immense dedication to ensure that this conference surpasses all expectations. Throughout the weekend, you will be able to debate various real world issues, learn more about diplomacy and meet more driven and creative individuals like yourself. With that, I implore you to reach out with any questions or feedback at jay.shah@idia.net. We look forward to meeting you at RUMUN 2019.

Best Regards,
Jay Shah
RUMUN 2019