Welcome to RUMUN!

Welcome to Rutgers University Model United Nations 2020! The conference will take place from December 3-6, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the students, advisors, and other guests, for participating in RUMUN 2020. To our staff members, I extend my gratitude to you, for all of the hard work and dedication that you have put into creating this wonderful experience. RUMUN exemplifies the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs’ ideals by providing a welcoming atmosphere for students to become educated, become empowered, and actively engage in the world around them. Model UN is an effective medium for developing valuable, lifelong skills, and it is my sincere hope that RUMUN 2020 plays a role in that development. At the conference, delegates will dive into relevant topics such as “Epidemic Management and Prevention” and “Digital Health Strategies”. Our twenty-three committees have been designed to challenge students intellectually, encouraging them to analyze contemporary issues through a historical lens.
As with all of our conferences, RUMUN is focused around a theme. How is the world we live in today different from the world that existed ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Fifty? One hundred? What have we done right in the past, and what have we done wrong? Throughout history, different issues have challenged people and nations on a global level. Changing times and conditions have resulted in these issues evolving and adapting, forcing us to re-evaluate our approaches. Scientific advances have revolutionized healthcare and technology; political conditions have transformed countries and even given rise to new nations; past attempts to resolve global issues have been deemed ineffective. Regardless of what specific change has occurred, these events have imprinted upon our current environment, forcing us to address issues in ways we have never had to before. Within their committees, delegates will need to understand their given topics through this retrospective lens in order to provide prospective routes for effective change. What has worked in the past may not be the best solution today. It is my hope that this theme will challenge delegates to think outside the box, to create solutions that are truly suited to the times we live in, and that will inspire a new era of change. 
Over the course of the weekend, students will work together to tackle their respective topics, using the theme as a guide. It is my goal that each student leaves RUMUN 2020 with something of value–whether it be a new perspective, increased awareness of a global issue, a newfound interest, or simply an enjoyable experience. I, along with the rest of the RUMUN 2020 staff, hope to learn just as much from the students as we hope to teach them. 
If you have any questions, especially about registration or the conference itself, feel free to contact us at info@idia.net. Any questions or comments can also be sent to me at julianne.delacruz@idia.net. Prior to the conference, the Secretariat, along with the rest of our staff, is available to provide information or do outreach programs to help schools prepare. With that, we look forward to meeting you all in December at RUMUN 2020!
Best Regards,
Julianne Dela Cruz
Rutgers University Model United Nations 2020